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The last day of Kelly-087 Appreciation Week, and I’m going to end it with a bang
The Big Day
A.N: this story has the Fireteam Crimson characters belonging to me, GreenleafCM, Firerwolf and EnderSpartanIV/warsol12343.


The UNSC Infinity was in Earth’s Orbit, It wasn’t just coming back from a dangerous Mission, note was it ready to head out into one, but it was getting ready for something very special.


Kelly-087 Stood in front of the Mirror, wearing a white wedding dress with veil, looking and feeling beautiful. Her thoughts were interrupted by another voice.

“Even now, I still can’t believe it’s happening.” Linda-058, her teammate and best friend, said as she watched her admire herself, Linda wearing a bridesmaid dress

“You can’t believe it? I’M still expecting to wake up in a cryo tube at some point” Kelly said half-joking. “When John actually asked me…I felt like I was dreaming” she added remembering that day. It was a mission she, nor John, or any one on the Infinity would ever forget. And when it was all said and Done, John turned to Kelly, and asked her there and then for her hand in marriage.

“I know, and John’s not the type to express that much emotion…scratch that, he has. Only to you” Linda said.

“Thanks again for agreeing to be my Maid of Honor” Kelly said.

“As if you’d ask anyone else” Linda commented with a smirk.

“Are the others ready?” Kelly asked.

“I’m not doing this” a voice said, they turn and saw Spartan Evelyn LaCoste, wearing a dress similar to Linda, standing outside a dress screen.

“Come on, Ana, we’re gonna be starting soon” Eva said.

“How exactly did you talk us into this?” Ana asked through the screen.

“Because You three are the closest thing I’ve got to girlfriends” Kelly answered, “and you lost that match between me and Linda”

“Only because Spartan LaCoste wouldn’t team up with us” a second voice said behind the screen, this belonging to Commander Sarah Palmer.

“it’s only going to be one day and its only going to be us, the rest of Crimson and Blue team and Lasky watching” Eva tried to convince.

“Exactly” Ana retorted.

“Ugh, And you call me the child” Eva commented.

“Do I have to make it an order?” Kelly asked

“I can’t speak for Novara, but we’re the same rank” Sarah said.

“Bride outranks everything on her wedding, Palmer” Kelly said.

After a pause, both Sarah and Anastasia come from behind the screen, revealing their matching Bridesmaids dresses with Evelyn’s

“This better be a short wedding” Ana said.

“Oh stop it, you look great” Eva complimented.

“I have to agree” Kelly added.

At that moment, Roland appeared on the console in the room, “Ladies…looking great all of you”

“Hey Roland” Kelly greeted, “are they ready?”  

“And waiting, Chief Mendez is outside, ready to give the bride away.”

“Then, let’s not keep them waiting” Linda said.

“I can already tell that…this day is going to be perfect” Evelyn said, the last part having more of a musical tune to it, the rest look at her and her cheeks blushed with light embarrassment, “Sorry…Been watching Dylan’s copies of his collection.”


Like the ships of the past, and today, they had a small chapel for religious ceremonies. This was where the wedding was to take place. Already Standing at the front of the aisle was John-117, in his Military dress uniform, next to him was his best man, Fred-104 and the groomsmen were the male half of Fireteam Crimson: Dylan and Raimundo. Standing in the center and residing was Captain Lasky.

“Nervous, John?” Fred asked

“…That obvious?” John asked

“I’ve known you long enough to see it” Fred said, “You’re doing the right thing, John. Don’t be nervous.”

“Thanks Fred…and thanks for being my Best man” He added.

“As if I’d say no” Fred said.

Roland appeared on another console by the door, “They are here” He said.

“cue it up, Roland” Lasky ordered.

A light tone began playing through the speakers, the classic wedding march began playing as the bride came, Mendez at her side like a Father would for his daughter, while Evelyn, Anastasia and Sarah followed right behind. once they reached the front, John looked at her with a smile, Kelly blushed and smiled back. Once everyone stood in position and the music came to an end, Tom began.

“Dearly beloved” He started, “We are gathered here by the sight of God, and the best men and women the UNSC have, to Join Spartans John-117 and Kelly-087 in Holy matrimony. I have witness these two personally, and was lucky enough to witness such a proposal, and I believe that there isn’t a bond stronger than the one these two share. I’ve understood that the bride and groom have written their own vows.”

John turned to Kelly and he began the vow that he planned. “Kelly. I’ll admit, when we first met, I didn’t think much of you, but that first lost helped me realize what was wrong with me. A man is only as good as his team, and I was lucky enough to have the best team there was. We became friends…and that grew into something more. I’ve only had two regrets: making you go on Reach while I went on the Space Station that day the Covenant invaded…and not looking for you after the rest of us went back to earth. Kelly, you have been with me all these years…you are my Rock…my heart…and I love you.”

The light sounds of a sniffing was heard from the bridesmaids, Eva was trying to hold back tears, but failing, Ana saw this and rolled her eye, That’s when she noticed that where the groomsmen were, Dil and Rai were holding back tears as well.

Kelly smiled at John, tears formed in her eyes, “John…You’ve been a big support to me throughout our years together, There were times I was mad at you…but the good always out-weight the bad in that. There are times when I still see you as that little boy who always cared about winning, and I saw him grow into the leader that we all depended on, and you never failed, you always won, not for yourself but for us. My regrets will always be that I wasn’t there for you during the whole Halo event. I don’t know what would have happened if things turned out different, but that doesn't matter now. What matters now is that I love you, and I never ever want to leave your side again.”

Tom smiled at this, dried his eyes and continued, “The rings please.”

Fred held the ring out for John and Kelly, who then placed the bands on each others' fingers.

“Do you, John-117, take Kelly-087 to be your lawfully wedded wife” Tom asked

“I do”

“and do you, Kelly-087, take John to be your lawfully wedded husband?” Tom asked

Kelly smiled “Yes I do.”

“Then by the power vested in me by the authority of the United Nations Space Command, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

John lifted the veil up to show Kelly’s face, and she wasted no time before throwing the bouquet in the air and leaning in for a soulful kiss, causing the Spartans to applaud and cheer for the new couple.

The flowers finally made their way down…and into Sarah’s hands, she looked surprised at this, then looked at Tom, who gave a light smile, Sarah rolled her eyes “Real subtle there” she said looking upward.


Since it was a small group, they held the after-wedding party in a sealed off section of the ship, in one of the War game simulation rooms where no one would enter. Roland was nice enough to generate a lawn party setting. It was time for the first dance and a slow waltz began playing, letting John and Kelly sway gently to the tune.

“John…thank you for this. You’ve made this the happiest day of my life” Kelly said through tears.

“You deserve the best, Bunny” he said, using her old nickname back in training, “I promised someday I’d marry you…and you know me…when I make a promise…”

“…you keep it” she finished, “I do know how to pick ‘em.”

“…lucky me.”

as the couple danced, the party continued watching them. Dylan’s eyes widened a bit, as an idea formed. He moved to Eva and whispered, she smiled and nodded. wasting no time Dil got to his feet. “Roland, play track 02-26. Let’s get this party started!”

“Took the words right out of my mouth” Roland said as he appeared, he snaps his fingers and a mix board appeared, he began playing more upbeat music. Evelyn took her cue and had a Microphone appear in her hand as she began singing.

“Love is in bloom…
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom
Two hearts becoming one…”

The upbeat tone and Eva’s singing was enough to get the to dancing with more energy, Suddenly Dil joined up and they began singing together.

“A bond that cannot be undone because-“

“Love is in bloom…
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom
I said love is in bloom..
You're starting a life and making room For us “

The song echoed as the party started to get more fun: Fred and Linda danced together, Raimundo used some of his skills in combat and incorporated it to a few dance moves, Chief Mendez didn’t dance but showed his enjoyment with rhythmic clapping, and Sarah smirked as she started leading Tom into the dance, him having no obligation.

“Your special day…
We celebrate now, the Spartan way”

“Your friends are all right here”
Won't let these moments”

“disappear because-“

only one member not joining in: Anastasia. She sat back and watched, not really wanting to be part of it, though she did smile as she saw them really enjoying themselves. Maybe in times of war there needed to be time for fun as well, who was to say, but she wasn’t gonna bring them down, though there was doubt that she could.

“Love is in bloom…
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom
I said love is in bloom..
You're starting a life and making room
For us…“

The music slowed back to a waltz, John and Kelly moved back together as the music came to its end. Kelly’s smile never stopped, and she doubted that it would ever. Today was the happiest day in her life, and she would never forget it.

I want to thank GreenleafCM for starting Kelly-087 Appreciation week. This Spartan and the rest of Blue Team need more love and I hope they will return in future stories and (hopefully) Games. and in case you didn’t know, yes, that last song was from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”
the last day of Kelly-087 Appreciation Week And come on, could I have ended it with anything else?


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Graphicspark84 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Anastasia in a bridesmaid dress...hold on while I try to breath again.

Beautiful, adoring are simple words that can be descriptive to this. But it is as pure and in brilliance of a diamond. 
charizardag Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
thanks :)
Graphicspark84 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Thx for the comment on the poem
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